Places Where Your Camera Equipment Can Get Stolen [Infographic]

Camera equipment are an investment. Your camera is worth more than £5000 considering the upgrades and improvements you’ve bought or constructed on your own to get your particular photography style. It would be best to know where your equipment is usually stolen. Make it a point to refer to this infographic whenever you’re travelling or you have a shooting gig to avoid expensive and heartfelt losses.

The Many Different Types and Styles of Photographers

Photography may seem to be a simple interest where you will just have to capture images and such. Well, that is true but it is also actually a very broad scope of pursuit. Not only is it a sort of recreation, it is a source of income as well. Simply, it has now become a profession.

Now, there are many types of photographers you should know of, whether you are to be one yourself or you are looking to hire one or more.


Also known as portraiture, it is a very common and popular style. Basically, there is a person or a group of people shot with the focus on the face, though the whole body and the scenery can be included as well. Photographers of this kind usually work in a studio but they are also open to go out and use a natural background.


In essence, this is where models are photographed wearing trendy clothes, shoes and all that. The photos are then used for advertisements or publications such as magazines.


The Earth is generally a beautiful place to live in and these folks know how to show that in their pictures. The outdoors is a wide area that houses many animals and creatures. Landscapes are important shooting grounds too. Some even go out of their way and shoot from high altitudes, even if that in itself is very dangerous. These images are then published in issues related to nature, science and travel, among others.


A Northamptonshire wedding photographer is basically one you can hire for your big and special day. With their talent, skills and experience, they will get to snap and record each and every moment that you will want to remember forever.

With the help of a Northants wedding photojournalist, he or she can film how the whole event goes and that is from the start to the finish. Having one come to this significant occasion is definitely a great decision because they can professional produce and give you wonderful wedding pictures.

Still Life

This one is relating to inanimate objects. Food, furniture, clothes, technology – anything, really, can be a prop for the photo to be taken. Here the photographer has to effectively send a message with the composition and arrangement of the elements.


Most buildings before and now take pride in their construction and design. Therefore, many folks have also ventured to concentrate on such art. With much expertise, the structures become more striking that they already are.

Photography is indeed a very passionate activity. If talking about it being a real career, it will not be easy when you are just starting. But even so, with enough drive and enthusiasm, backed with enough skill, you can become successful in the field.

Choosing a particular type of photography for yourself is advantageous because you have a target that you can aim for. You can practice and hone your talent in regards to your style and then go from there.

Protect Your Camera

Professionals and workers around the world have different things they use, which can be called “weapons.” For doctors, it could be their stethoscopes and for the police officers, it would be their guns. But for photographers, whether by interest or profession, it is their cameras.

With no camera, it would really all be meaningless, right?

And that is why, it is definitely important to take action and go out of your way to take care of it. Considering its price alone, that in itself can urge you to be careful in using and handling it.

Well then, how can you protect this very much needed gear?

From Weather

Even if you want that perfect sunny shot, you have to make your camera as cool as possible. You should keep it away from direct sunlight. Hence, you should cover it up with even a towel or take a shot under shade or an umbrella. If your camera heats up, it is good to take a break as well. Let it cool down before using it again.

This is also the same (but much more important) when talking of rain and wet seasons. Of course, it is basic knowledge that anything related to technology can be affected and damaged by water. Therefore, to avoid equipment casualty, coverings are also essential. Waterproof jackets and umbrellas are typical examples. Also, the coolness can affect battery life. Warmers can be great tools to solve this.

You have to keep in mind though that abrupt temperature changes can be dangerous as well. Do not do this because it can bring greater impairment to your camera.

If you are into wildlife and all those adventurous escapades, you will likely face the problems of dust and sand. With wind, these materials will then be suspended in your gear. Not only will they make your camera dirty, they can still contribute to its detriment.

From Theft

Because cameras are prized possessions, more so by photographers, bad people will want to take them away for themselves. That is why you should handle it and give it some tender loving care. You can’t just flaunt it out always; just take it out when necessary like a shoot. You are only inviting thieves if you show it off when uncalled for.

Take this into account if you are a photographer. Normal coverage would include theft and loss, so even if this happens to you, for sure you will be compensated. There is even damage insurance if ever your equipment is altered or impaired by natural conditions.

To further assure yourself, you should register your camera to be under your name. This will guarantee that it is yours, simple as that. Think of this scenario: you have not filed for ownership and someone has stolen your camera. Since you have not registered, they now have the liberty to do so themselves. That is then a complete loss for you.

Anything that is useful should be mind and tended to, so that it can definitely fulfill its purpose.

Tips On Capturing The Beautiful Gardens and Views In Your Wedding Photos

Many wedding ceremonies before and now have been held outdoors. Marrying out in wondrous gardens have been an option taken by lots of couples. It may be because of the fresh air and sweet smell nature brings or the spacious area that exudes some kind of freedom. But whatever the reason, it stands that an outdoor wedding is a popular choice, more so nowadays.

Now with the beautiful gardens of Leeds and the views that comes with them, it is important to be able to capture your wedding photos well, in respect to them. Being outside can bring many complications too, so you and your photographer should be able to work around them.

There will likely be trees on the site and with sunlight, it can create shadows that can cause problems as you shoot. If these happens, you must use the glow to your advantage. Change location can be done if possible. You can instruct, say, the bride and groom to move even just for a little bit for you to properly take photos. Supposing that cannot be done because maybe you are in the middle of the ceremony, the best that you can do is to play around the settings of your camera and then, fix whatever needs to be fixed during the editing phase.

In any case, natural light, as mentioned, can still be a tool for a good photo. But then again, you will need all the skills and techniques that you have and bring them out to the table. Your high quality camera and equipment can be very useful as well. Cases may happen that there will be poor lighting, so integrate off-camera flash lights. Other than that, you can also have an assistant to hold a reflector for you.

And with the beauty that nature showcases, a variety of wide shots should be done to take its loveliness on film. Of course, you cannot forget about your subject. Take the time to shoot from different angles and to appreciate the details on the decorations too.

Shooting in RAW can prove to be beneficial too. This just means you are going to get an image file that is not processed yet. Therefore, it gives you more freedom when it comes to tweaking and editing.

Furthermore, focus is essential. You have to be able to seize a moment and/or a subject properly. In taking a wide shot of the newlyweds, for example, you must be able to shoot it that the background does not dominate them. It should be that the view will complement the moment that is happening.

The celebration will likely continue until night time, so the use of flash will not be avoided. This again rises the need for the flash in your own camera and then a flash from a light stand.

Once more, the results of all the picture taking will then upon the photographer’s skill and experience. It is really best to still practice, more so in a garden setting.

Tips for Novice Photographers


Wedding celebration photography is big company these days. Many wishing to earn money as a professional photographer (either component or full-time) would like to become a wedding event digital photographer. Wedding digital photography is not all concerning taking some images on a day.

Below are  top tips to assist you get begun ..

People Skills

Wedding event photography is not just about clicking the shutter, it has to do with how you take care of individuals when you are functioning under fairly intense stress. You are practically working versus the clock to ensure you bag the pictures your customers are anticipating and at the very same time not postpone procedures.

Plan for the Unexpected

Have you ever thought concerning what you would do if you were unable to attend a wedding due to some emergency situation, illness or an accident? Knowing a reputable network of similar professional photographers is a need to for every wedding professional photographer.


You require two types of insurance policy: one is Public Liability and the various other one is Professional Indemnity. Lots of locations will certainly need a duplicate of your Public Liability as you are working with their properties. Professional Indemnity covers you for any sort of oversight, loss of pictures in case of CF or SD cards going corrupt, or the disk drive falling short. Kindly check the plan extremely meticulously prior to registering.

Being Organised

You need to be exceptionally arranged and time administration is essential when doing both team tries and the couple. When it comes to the couple chances, Iʼll see to it that the couple enjoy the most crucial day of their lives with their liked ones and not with the professional photographer! My sessions with the couple disappear compared to 15-20 mins after the event then once again just before the initial dancing (light allowing of training course).


Composed Contracts

To guard on your own, you require to have actually a written contract between yourself and the couple. The contract must mention all the vital specifics like the wedding celebration day, venue, timings, protection or plan, settlement schedule, and so on.
With wedding events you simply can not afford to take any type of possibilities, you require to cover every possibility. Keep extra batteries for the camera and for the flashguns, and plenty of CF or SD cards so you don’t run out.


As a Nikon customer for an extremely, long time, I would recommend the D700 as a great beginning point. If your budget can extend a little bit much more, then the Nikon D3s would be the optimal choice– fantastic for low light winter season wedding celebrations. I’ve photographed at 12800 ISO at a wedding and used the pictures in the album without utilizing any sort of noise reduction software program, the quality of this electronic camera is truly superb.


I utilize a variety of zoom and prime lenses to photograph a wedding. You will should buy top quality glass and fast lenses -this could make or damage an image when shooting in low light. In my cam bag I always have the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8, Nikon 85mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, 105VR f/2.8 and the 35mm f/2.

When I began firing wedding events, I only had three lenses: 24-70mm, 70-200mm and a 50mm. The 24-70mm is an excellent lens, you could quite a lot photo a whole wedding celebration with it.

Nowadays my favorite lens is the 85mm f/1.4 for portrait work and the 105mm VR for closeup gos of the wedding devices. A 14-24mm is additionally a superb lens to use during the ceremony or for those wide angle tries.
CF & SD Memory Cards

If you are utilizing a cam physical body which only has one port, then utilize a smaller sized ability card, like a 2GB. Envision if you were utilizing a 16GB card and something went wrong, you would certainly have virtually all your eggs (images) in one container! Using a smaller ability card disperses the risk.

I personally utilize Lexar cards and using a twin-slot cam physical body truly does offer complete assurance. Physical bodies like the D3s, D3x and D7000 all have twin-slots for memory cards. I generally use 8Gb cards and shoot RAW on both cards, providing me in-camera back-up of all my poses.


Always RAW. The major reason for this is that my workflow on the computer system is much faster than compared with a JPEG workflow. You are also Ê”future proofingʼ your job. This indicates that say in 5 years time when brand-new and a lot more effective software will be released, you’ll manage to modify your initial images without any type of issues.

Lighting Kit


When I require a little bit much more power to get rid of the sturdy sun or daytime, I make use of the Lastolite TriFlash Bracket. On this bracket three flashguns could be set up and when made use of with an umbrella, the power of the flashguns suffices to overcome a solid mid-day sunlight!

You need to be remarkably careful when it comes to metering your direct exposures, you do not really want the highlight information in the wedding event gown to be blown out. I personally established the electronic camera to manual and establish my Aperture, Shutter & ISO so I have total control and I inspect the exposure on the display on the electronic camera– by doing this I acquire constant exposures throughout the day. One very easy and really exact choice is to utilize a hand held light meter. I have one in my video camera bag which is the Sekonic L-308s, it’s a fantastic little meter which is simple to make use of and really accurate.

It is essential when it involves post-processing. I promise you that if your direct exposures are constant, you will literally lessen your time in front of the computer.

Wedding Photography Tips

Effective wedding photography is about telling the tale through a series of photos and this starts with the prep works for the special day. It’s a good suggestion to come to the bride’s house early enough to evaluate exactly how she’s obtaining on with her prep works. A straightforward chance showing her having her make-up applied-maybe shown in a mirror- is a terrific one to obtain when she’s in the last phases. Make use of a mixture of a 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS lens and 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens to capture the process of obtaining dressed and, as a lot as possible, attempt to make use of all-natural light fixture.

Seek little specifics like the naturally stitched specifics of the material of her outfit or attempt catching unique minutes, such as when she has the back of her gown laced up or while she’s talking to her bridesmaids.

Wedding celebration picture trouble:

“The bride-to-be’s preparing in a small space and she’s facing the window!”


Attempt overexposing by about +1 or +2 quits to blow out the window, to ensure that you acquire an intense wallpaper without any kind of detail.

While not wedding event  photography ideas per se, you might find some of the suggestions from the complying with portrait photography tutorials likewise beneficial for these scenarios.

Incidental photographs are photos important part crucial component shoot list. Usage the time when the bride-to-be is having her hair done to get early information shots in the bag. Take some of the things you desire to shoot out of the dressing area so you’re not acquiring in the method of the bride.

Arriving at the church

You need to reach the church as early as feasible prior to the new bride. Don’t squander this valuable time. If you’re lucky to have an assistant, make them park the auto, making sure you can have a way quickly. Look for the bridegroom and his ushers– they’re normally either walking from the bar or chatting outside the religion. I constantly try to establish the scene with my vast lens and afterwards go in closer for the specifics, such as cuff footwears, florals and web links. This is also an excellent time to take some wedding portraits.


Other fortuitous photos will help mention to the tale, such as guests arriving, orders of service, bridesmaids, the religion kids, gargoyles and flowers playing. There’s great deals of possible based on capture at this factor, however, you’ll have to have an eye open in anticipation of the bride’s arrival. The entire process of the bride showing up could happen in a jiffy so you’ve reached be readied and have a strategy in your thoughts.

I’ll generally be on my wideangle lens and  reduce for an excellent vibrant angle or half method up the path using a lengthy lens. I prevent the ‘regular’ shots and never ever get into the car to take images.

Ultimately, moving towards the church to get all set for the new bride’s entryway. I stay on my 70-200mm lens while she walks up the path– an attractive minute to catch with bride and father.

The event

There’s no second chances and you’ve got to have your wits concerning you. I like to use a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens during the event and I attempt to get to the front of the religion and rest with the choir on the groom’s side so that I’m encountering the new bride. If you’re not allowed to sit at the front, you’ll have to obtain creative from the back of the church.

Think of the overall story- keep it in your mind all the time and look for gos of the visitors, bridesmaids and parents to contribute to the story. Set the scene with some vast shots of the religion inside utilizing a wideangle lens. If the church is very dark I might acquire a buddy or aide to stand at the back or rest in a bench with a flashgun, which I can regulate using a Pocket Wizard remote trigger.

Leaving the church

Merely prior to the new bride and groom boil down the aisle, take a minute to obtain your video camera setups ironed out and match a large zoom lens. If you can get them to quit and kiss equally as they leave the religion you’ll get a terrific collection of chances. Come down so your reduced viewpoint avoids getting other people in the wallpaper. Motivate the various other guests to congratulate the groom and bride and use this time around to shoot documentary-style pictures. Obtain a great wideangle go of the scene and adopt some information to contribute to the story.

Next, direct the couple to eviction for the confetti chances just before leaving for the function. If the climate is enclosing or you’re shooting a winter season wedding, stay behind with the couple for ten mins and acquire images of them utilizing just what light fixture there is left in the day.

Wedding  image trouble:

“The couple have left the religion too rapidly, leaving me with out-of-focus shots!”.


Prepare- either use flash and follow-focus the couple as they leave of the religion, with a recommended setup of ISO 400, 1/80sec to 1/100sec relying on just how dark it is. Or ditch the flash, raise the ISO, pre-focus on a religion bench and wait for the couple to attack that factor.

The Bride and Groom

Throughout the celebration you’ll have to get the couple for about 15 mins. See to it you’ve obtained all the gear you’ll require, which should include a ladder, reflector and a bottle of Champagne with glasses.

Also make use of the strolling to and from areas to get gos– exist down in the turf and shoot the couple strolling to you. Look for backgrounds, such as doorways, fences, actions, walls, wallpaper, stairs or any kind of various other building specifics of interest. I as soon as fired a new bride and bridegroom in front of a bottle financial institution at the base of the automobile park considering that we were stuck for texture.


Begin off with the couple in a basic scene chance making use of a wideangle lens then utilize the zoom to obtain a tighter shot. It’s crucial to additionally get the bride-to-be by herself so take the bridegroom out of the picture for some solitary photos of the her. Fire a full length, one-half length and a head try, taking multiple wedding photos and changing the position or instructions of her gaze a little between each structure.

I’ll usually acquire a bride to look down while I shoot from a ladder. Obtain her to elevate her head gradually while opening her eyes to the lens, you’ll be able to feel the appropriate moment and if you’ve obtained your timing right you’ll acquire a powerful picture.