Dana Rivers: Wedding Photographer But Not Just Weddings

So, aside from the confusing headline, I’m not really that good with writing. But I know I’m going to need this if I want to met new people.

Hi there. My name is Dana Rivers. I don’t own British Photography Experts. It’s just that I’m lucky enough to get this URL to write stuff about what I do for a living.

I’m a Photographer.

Yes, it deems worthy to be italicised. But owning the soul of a photographer, it’s not innate. Sometimes, you have to journey to find it.

For me, I found it when I was asked to take a quick-snap camera to a wedding bazaar one day. I’m not really fond of weddings but seeing these models and even prospective women dress up for their finest year is something that’s beautiful for me. I took a photo of my friend who wanted to find the best dress for herself.

Her husband, a photographer, said my photos had potential (this was back in 2000). He said I could do it. So I did.

Four years later, I owned my own DSLR and started practicing on cans and everyday things. Soon enough, after my stint as a product photographer apprentice I saw myself shooting in weddings. It was exhilirating. I didn’t feel jealous, but I loved the feeling I could capture magical moments in a camera.

In short, I found my heart.

So, what’s your story? I decided to make a club of that (and a blog, sort of) about sharing our passion and what are these magical moments we witnessed as we went about our adventure into the world of lenses and magical post-production!