The Many Different Types and Styles of Photographers

So, to be honest, photography may seem to be a simple interest where you will just have to capture images and such.

Well, that is true but it is also actually a very broad scope of pursuit. Not only is it a sort of recreation, it is a source of income as well. Might not be that lucrative, but our passion is here.

Now, there are many types of photographers. I’m more of a fashion, wedding and portrait photographer.

Yes, there can be combinations


Also known as portraiture, it is a very common and popular style. Basically, there is a person or a group of people shot with the focus on the face, though the whole body and the scenery can be included as well. Photographers of this kind usually work in a studio but they are also open to go out and use a natural background.


In essence, this is where models are photographed wearing trendy clothes, shoes and all that. The photos are then used for advertisements or publications such as magazines.


The Earth is generally a beautiful place to live in and these folks know how to show that in their pictures. The outdoors is a wide area that houses many animals and creatures. Landscapes are important shooting grounds too. Some even go out of their way and shoot from high altitudes, even if that in itself is very dangerous. These images are then published in issues related to nature, science and travel, among others.


A wedding photographer is basically one you can hire for your big and special day. With their talent, skills and experience, they will get to snap and record each and every moment that you will want to remember forever.

With the help of a photojournalist, he or she can film how the whole event goes and that is from the start to the finish. Having one come to this significant occasion is definitely a great decision because they can professional produce and give you wonderful wedding pictures.

Still Life

This one is relating to inanimate objects. Food, furniture, clothes, technology – anything, really, can be a prop for the photo to be taken. Here the photographer has to effectively send a message with the composition and arrangement of the elements.


Most buildings before and now take pride in their construction and design. Therefore, many folks have also ventured to concentrate on such art. With much expertise, the structures become more striking that they already are.

So, which one are you? Tell me in the comments below!