Wedding Photography Tips

So, you want to talk about my profession? This time, I’m talking about it! And with more detail too!

Here’s how I see wedding photography.

Effective wedding photography is about telling the tale through a series of photos and this starts with the prep works for the special day.

In one of my gigs, I suggested I come to the bride’s house early enough to evaluate exactly how she’s obtaining on with her prep works.

A straightforward chance showing her having her make-up applied-maybe shown in a mirror- is a terrific one to obtain when she’s in the last phases.

Not to get too technical here, but make use of a mixture of a 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS lens and 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens to capture the process of obtaining dressed and, as a lot as possible, attempt to make use of all-natural light fixture.

(If you didn’t get it yet, it’s okay. Here’s a good equipment guide for you)

Seek little specifics like the naturally stitched specifics of the material of her outfit or attempt catching unique minutes, such as when she has the back of her gown laced up or while she’s talking to her bridesmaids.

Wedding celebration picture trouble:

“The bride-to-be’s preparing in a small space and she’s facing the window!”


Attempt overexposing by about +1 or +2 quits to blow out the window, to ensure that you acquire an intense wallpaper without any kind of detail.

While not wedding event  photography ideas per se, you might find some great suggestions from portrait photography tutorials.

Incidental photographs are photos important part crucial component shoot list. Usage the time when the bride-to-be is having her hair done to get early information shots in the bag. Take some of the things you desire to shoot out of the dressing area so you’re not acquiring in the method of the bride.

Arriving at the church

You need to reach the church as early as feasible prior to the new bride. Don’t squander this valuable time. If you’re lucky to have an assistant, make them park the auto, making sure you can have a way quickly.

Look for the bridegroom and his ushers– they’re normally either walking from the bar or chatting outside the church. I constantly try to establish the scene with my vast lens and afterwards go in closer for the specifics, such as cuff footwears, florals and links. This is also an excellent time to take some wedding portraits.


Other fortuitous photos will help mention to the tale, such as guests arriving, orders of service, bridesmaids, the Church kids, gargoyles and flowers playing. There’s great deals of possible based on capture at this factor, however, you’ll have to have an eye open in anticipation of the bride’s arrival. The entire process of the bride showing up could happen in a jiffy so you’ve reached be readied and have a strategy in your thoughts.

I’ll generally be on my wideangle lens and  reduce for an excellent vibrant angle or half method up the path using a lengthy lens. I prevent the ‘regular’ shots and never ever get into the car to take images.

Ultimately, moving towards the church to get all set for the new bride’s entryway. I stay on my 70-200mm lens while she walks up the path– an attractive minute to catch with bride and father.

The event

There’s no second chances and you’ve got to have your wits concerning you. I like to use a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens during the event and I attempt to get to the front of the church and rest with the choir on the groom’s side so that I’m encountering the new bride. If you’re not allowed to sit at the front, you’ll have to obtain creative from the back of the church.

Think of the overall story- keep it in your mind all the time and look for gos of the visitors, bridesmaids and parents to contribute to the story. Set the scene with some vast shots of the church inside utilizing a wideangle lens. If the church is very dark I might acquire a buddy or aide to stand at the back or rest in a bench with a flashgun, which I can regulate using a Pocket Wizard remote trigger.

Leaving the church

Merely prior to the new bride and groom boil down the aisle, take a minute to obtain your video camera setups ironed out and match a large zoom lens. If you can get them to quit and kiss equally as they leave the Church you’ll get a terrific collection of chances. Come down so your reduced viewpoint avoids getting other people in the wallpaper. Motivate the various other guests to congratulate the groom and bride and use this time around to shoot documentary-style pictures. Obtain a great wideangle go of the scene and adopt some information to contribute to the story.

Next, direct the couple to eviction for the confetti chances just before leaving for the function. If the climate is enclosing or you’re shooting a winter season wedding, stay behind with the couple for ten mins and acquire images of them utilizing just what light fixture there is left in the day.

Wedding  image trouble:

“The couple have left the Church  too rapidly, leaving me with out-of-focus shots!”.


Prepare- either use flash and follow-focus the couple as they leave of the Church, with a recommended setup of ISO 400, 1/80sec to 1/100sec relying on just how dark it is. Or ditch the flash, raise the ISO, pre-focus on a Church bench and wait for the couple to attack that factor.

The Bride and Groom

Throughout the celebration you’ll have to get the couple for about 15 mins. See to it you’ve obtained all the gear you’ll require, which should include a ladder, reflector and a bottle of Champagne with glasses.

Also make use of the strolling to and from areas to get gos– exist down in the turf and shoot the couple strolling to you. Look for backgrounds, such as doorways, fences, actions, walls, wallpaper, stairs or any kind of various other building specifics of interest. I as soon as fired a new bride and bridegroom in front of a bottle financial institution at the base of the automobile park considering that we were stuck for texture.


Start off with the couple in a basic scene chance making use of a wideangle lens then utilize the zoom to obtain a tighter shot. It’s crucial to additionally get the bride-to-be by herself so take the bridegroom out of the picture for some solitary photos of the her. Fire a full length, one-half length and a head try, taking multiple wedding photos and changing the position or instructions of her gaze a little between each structure.

I’ll usually acquire a bride to look down while I shoot from a ladder. Obtain her to elevate her head gradually while opening her eyes to the lens, you’ll be able to feel the appropriate moment and if you’ve obtained your timing right you’ll acquire a powerful picture.

So, what do you think of my work? Do you like it?

It might be stressful, but I feel awesome by the end of the day, to be honest!